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Adding Magic to your imagination we aim to extend the range of possibilities through visual effects. We can be a One-Stop solution for all the Pre-production, On-Set, Post-Production and Virtual Production Services. We aim at expanding possibilities and experience.

Who are We?

You DREAM. We make them a REALITY!
Impossible doesn't exist in the world of imaginations and storytelling and we have a passion for creating IMPOSSIBLE with aesthetics of restrain and elegance. Cinematic reality is the only reality, we believe in. VBS is established with a vision and soul to break the stigma of VFX as unreal imagery. To break the mediocrity of special effects, VBS is pioneering in seamlessly merging the real world with the so called unreal. We are based in Mumbai and delivers all sorts of Post production solutions from VFX, CGI integration and DI (Digital Intermediate). Been existing as fresh energy for feature film. Industry, OTT contents, TVCs, documentaries; since 2018.
Our artists and team amalgamate complex photorealistic effects with frames of hyperreal narratives. Visual effects at our studio are simulated not only with aesthetics to please eyes but to accentuate the language of storytelling to its maximum edge.
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Our Services
Pre Production
Pre-production is the stage of a film, television or commercial production that takes place before filming begins.

During pre-production we will finalize our script, hire our cast and crew, scout locations, find equipment and build a shooting schedule. It’s where we get all of the ducks in a row so the rest of the production process is as smooth as gravy. Having a strong concept is an essential component of a video. But unfortunately, spending the appropriate amount of time in pre-production to nail down the video’s concept is often an overlooked step in the production process. Not on our watch, though!
We always strive to reach that acme where imaginations begin to thrill, be it commercial, art, entertainment or fact. For us, Filming anything is not less than putting life into it.

Visual Birds studio is a highly professional and tight-knit video production company, that imparts its services by creating witty and creative Ad films, documentary films, corporate films, web series, short films, and feature films. The studio has a well-equipped production unit with immensely creative and proficient experts. The studio has a prominent team of writers, visualizers, story-boarders, directors, DOPs with a diligent production unit.

We impart multi -integrated services : from creative planning to postproduction and our ground level setup is very strong in Madhya Pradesh, so we assist in all hassles of line production as well: from seeking paperwork, documentation, permissions, formalities, recces, shooting schedules, locations survey and locking and providing in-depth knowledge about the terrain, climate, altitude, specialties etc. We would assist you for the location permissions and subsidy by coordinating with the government of Madhya Pradesh. We understand the film maker's vision and the story has to unfold in a manner according to the requirements for the script and we shall be glad to take over this line -production hassle.
Post Production
Visual birds have a team of professionals with fine skills of visual effects, CGI integration, DI(digital intermediate), and editing.

The management and production team of the company with their oodles of experience make sure every project turns out to be a remarkable, soulful and scenic drive. Visual birds studio transforms the film makers’s imagination into cinematic reality in given deadlines. We work with all our might to make every frame flawless and breathtaking on the screen.
Virtual Production
Virtual production seamlessly combines physical and virtual elements using a suite of software tools. Studios can film on a stage and view virtual graphics together in real-time.

Changing locations is as simple as swapping out a background. The assets can be pre-created and viewed along with shooting. It saves cost, time and helps in visualization and gives the director the exact frame that he had in mind. It has been a boon in the pandemic era and it is here to stay!
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A leader in VFX brings to you an Institute that will not only train you in academics but will also introduce you to the Industry and assist you to grow by offering live projects and training. An accelerated and highly specialized 6 months and 3 months Course preparing you for careers in Visual Effects Productions. We believe in Quality and Excellence!
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Life at VBS
Our artists and team amalgamate complex photorealistic effects with frames of hyperreal narratives. Visual effects at our studio are simulated not only with aesthetics to please eyes but to accentuate the language of storytelling to its maximum edge.
Our Leadership Team
Amit Malviya
Creative Director
Not just a dreamer but doer, Amit has been functional in Mumbai special effect industry for past fourteen years. His go getter spirit matches with his purist perspective while delivering solutions. Keeping a heart for cinema he has been on a journey to make a difference of his own kind. He is determined and spearheaded towards new services, expanding VBS to all venues of Film production.
Devendra Malviya
Founding Director & CEO
Founding Director & CEO at VISUAL BIRDS STUDIO, Devendra Malviya is a renowned Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Lyricist, he has written and directed many ad films, music videos and more than 100 documentary films, and continuing with his passion.
Pragati Singh
Sr. VFX Supervisor
Prasad Deshmukh
VFX Supervisor
Hariom Sharma
VFX Supervisor
Trivendra Agnihotri
Paint Supervisor
Himalaya Kumar
Roto Supervisor
Siddhesh Rane
MGFX Supervisor
Praful Pawar
DMP Supervisor
Alam Shaikh
VFX Producer
Vikash Morgan
IT Head
Saniya Shringare
Studio Manager
Siddhesh Tandel
HR Manager
Anushree Gattani
Business Executive
Bansari Patani
Business Executive